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Mar 31, 2020

This website is made for helping people get best resource on internet.

Internet is filled with information that is usually biased on the basis of location and political rules governing the area. The Search Engine that we have created will provide you with all the essential topics under your finger tips and that too without any bias.

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Topics Covered:

1. Covid19 Live Tracker

2. How to survive in Worst Case Scenario?
3. How to make a Survival Kit?
4. What will happen if a Pamndemic lasts more than a year?
5. How to stay fit during self-quarantine?

6. A Mirror to self Reflect - Dark Side of HR

7. What learning should we take as HR in Covid19 Crisis?

8. What would J and K have been without terrorism?
9. How to escape Poor Mindset?

10. What organizational sills will help you succeed?

11. How to align employee goals with organization's vision and mission?

12. Why employee engagement activities are corporate stigma?

13. How to become a Human Resource Consultant?

14. How to become a cosmetologist?

15. What is Sharda Language?

16. What are best tourism spots to visit in Jammu and Kashmir?

17. Is Sharda Script Extinct?

18. Bagwan Gopinath Ji Documentary

19. How to plan for HR Budget?

20. How to become a millionaire?

22. How to survive a recession - financially?

23. Payment of wages Act 1936

24. Trade Union Act of 1926

25. Factories Act of 1948

26. Where do young earners go wrong?

27. Give me 5 minutes and I will give you 5 ways to earn more

28. What are the new HR skills required to succeed as a professional?

29. How I made web designing profitable by not doing web designing?

30. Financial Goals to Aim for in next Six Months

31. How to make money from writing in 12 months?

32. Stop telling everyone that they can make money with a blog.

33. No Data Back Up to Support Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) in Several Organizations

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