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Is Sharda Script at the verge of Extinction?

Sharda Script is probably the best script to write kashmiri language than Nastaliq and Devnagri Scripts. There are a few people who are endeavoring to spare this content for future generations. Let us learn about, for what reason is it going to be extinct!

May 21, 2020

All the ancient and old languages of India, be it Tamil, Telgu, Sanskrit or Bangali etc, have evolved from a common 'Brahmi Script' and are presently at the zenith, except Sharda Script, which was the main and ancient means of writing Kashmiri and Sanskrit language in Kashmir or Sharda Desha.

It is presumed that 'Takri' and 'Gurmukhi Script' have also evolved from Sharda Script. Gurmukhi Script is the official script of Punjab State and this script is used in present day Punjab to learn and write the Gurmukhi/Punjabi language.

Every individual in Punjab can easily write/learn Gurmukhi by the patronage of the subsequent state government in the Punjab State.
It is an irony that Sharda Script, in which our ancient community has written and compiled a rich literature, is at the verge of extinction or almost extinct.

Sharda language has reached to a point of extinction now and it turns into our obligation to try sincerely and ensure that we can rejuvenate it and assist it with arriving at its old glory.

-by Mr. Suniel Kumar Dhar

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