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Mar 31, 2020

This website is made for helping people get best resource on internet.

Internet is filled with information that is usually biased on the basis of location and political rules governing the area. The Search Engine that we have created will provide you with all the essential topics under your finger tips and that too without any bias.

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Topics Covered:

1. Why we confuse Analytics with Coding?

2. What is Analytics?

3. What is Data Science?

4. How to create a Word Cloud without RStudio or Python?

5. How to create a Heat Map?

6. What is Machine Learning?

7. What is a Learning Intelligence?
8. Have you ever tried facebookcorewwwi.onion?
9. What is Time Series Analysis? How to use Moving Average in smoothening Time Series Data Set and predicting future values?
10. What is Unsupervised Learning?
11. Nothing Has End
12. How to be almost anonymous on internet?
13. What is Sentiment Analysis?
14. How to make a Data Driven Performance Management System?
15. What are the applications of HR Analytics?
16. What is a Pishing Attack?
17. How to make a Website and Start Earning Money Online?
18. How will you decide which Data requires which type of Analysis?
19. How to start writing codes like a pro?
20. How to use correlation to find out factors affecting attrition rate?
21. How to practically use Regression Analysis to predict your salary for next year?
22. Why organizations fail to implement Analytical tools in HR?
23. How to implement Work From Home successfully?
24. What is Deep Web?
25. How to create an Excel Userform without VBA Coding?
26. How to use Mail Merge to send mails to thousands of people at one time?
27. Why we shouldn't use excel as a database?
28. How to use Text to Columns feature in excel?
29. Why should we use Power BI?
30. Introduction to R - Topic 1
31. How to create Plots in R? - Topic 2
32. How to import data in R? - Topic 3
33. How to do Simple Linear Regression using R? - Topic 4
34. Why Cyber Security is a subjective case?
35. What is a Cryptographic Hash Function?

36. Difference between Hashing and Encryption

37. What is Legal Analytics?

38. How Analytics can help in finding gaps in News Stories?

39. How can you get paid for your data?

40. The Million Dollar Home Page

41. A Mirror to self Reflect - Dark Side of HR

42. How to create word cloud using R?

43. How to make money using blogs or website?

44. How to import live data from web into excel sheet?

45. Why Recruitments has become more of a sales profile?

46. How long does it take to make money with your website or blog?

47. What HR Analytics every HR Professional Should know?

48. What is difference between Linear and Logistic Regression?
49. How to embed youtube video in your html page?

50. Why create a website?

51. What is Social Engineering?

52. Why Time Series Analysis is not a good way to predict?

53. How to make money online in covid19?

54. Why should we use R Programming Language?

55. Where can we get free pics for blogs and website?

56. What happened to Bitcoin and other crypto currencies?

57. How smartphone companies are transferring your data?

58. How Excel Add-ins can make our data visually appealing?

59. How to Leverage People Analytics to drive Growth in Organization?

60. What are sources of data in HR?

61. Awesome Excel Shortcuts

62. How to edit excel userforms as per requirements?

63. What is Search Engine Submission and how does it works?

64. How to earn passive income via affiliate marketing?

65. What is web scraping and how to do it?

66. What is Social Bookmark Submission?

67. What is Blog Submission?

68. What is Fuzzy Logic?

69. How to write your first code in Python?

70. What is python programming language and why should we use it?

71. How to create a userform in python?

72. What are the basic syntax in python?

73. What are various variable types in python?

74. Do you know what 2019 was famous for? - Google Trends

75. What are python operators?

76. How to create your web portal without coding using google docs?

77. How to create a counter application using python programming language?

78. Should we create our website using html, css and java scripts or using word press?

79. How to work with decision making in Python?

80. How to create web pages with Python CGI?

81. How to get first 1000 unique visitors on your blog?

82. What is Human Resource Information System (HRIS)?

83. How to automatically import google sheets data in excel file?

84. What is a timing attack?

85. How to become a Programmer?

86. Why is HTML used in web pages?

87. Received a mail that contains your password?

88. Why has analytics become popular these days?

89. What difficulties are faced by self-taught programmers?

90. Why analytics ends after gathering of data itself in today's context?

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Why we confuse Analytics with Coding?