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Analytics and Techno-Immunity

Let's talk a bit more about our day to day technological advancements , April 1, 2020
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Analytics The trend this summer is Analytics in organizations!

Know about basics of Analytics and Techno-Immunity and how these all concepts are actually changing the world around us. Ranging from Sentiment Analysis to Prediction of Manpower or Marketing strategy success, there is everything for you. You can even start working with us by solving some of Analytics problems and earn credit for the same.


When in doubt, Know your way out, May 7, 2020

Cardio Know the basics of survival in this 'Concrete Jungle'

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your city has turned into a battle zone? Well, you should start thinking that way. Humans have always been a part of war and from time to time it has changed from war in battle fields to bio war-fare. Are you sure, you are ready for this?

Know how to survive in worst case scenarios and how to tackle everyday issues like a survival expert.



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